Paul Hutto Welcomes you!
Paul Hutto is a well known
Clairvoyant Medium.
You have heard him on   Madison Star
Country Radio!
Paul travels through out the Madison
area to do Psychic Fairs, Private and
Corporate parties.
Paul has been featured in the book
"Famous Mystics Of Wisconsin"
by Heidi Levy.

Paul has the answers to your questions,
be it about health, love life, finance or
your long lost relative or best friend who
has crossed over.

Paul's clients include people from all
walks of life.
He has counseled with celebrities, law
enforcement, clergy and also the
Corporate clients on matters of business.
Most of Paul's clients consist of the
average working person, where he feels
he is in his element, as he is one of.

What started as just a coincidence,
when he was small, seemed to make
sense later in life.
Many years of wonder and
experimentation led Paul to educate
himself in all areas of this work.
Paul is educated in religious study of
many cultures and is open minded to
any belief system.

Paul takes private appointments out of
his home office or over the telephone.

To make an appointment call Paul

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